I have published several books which you can order either online in hard copy or there are a few which can be downloaded as ebooks. Books are also available on loan at the Dauphin and Ethelbert Public Libraries.

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Roots - A Life in Review
A biography written by a Manitoban farm girl who just wanted a better life. Her optimistic outlook on life and great sense of humor makes this book such a good read.

Small Beginnings 
This is the second book of memories, a follow-up to the first book called "Roots, A Life in Review". This volume endeavors to fill in the gaps with more history into the family tree.

Mushrooms, Mini-Cars and Welsh Mead
This is the third compilation of Cassie's memoirs, filled with memorable stories about her adventures and travels.

Children's Book:

Sally Snowflake's Christmas  - A children's picture book.
This is a child's book about a snowflake who feels alone, unwanted and confused, but ultimately finds her destiny. This story touches on the nativity scene when Jesus was born in the manger.

Poetry Collections:

Images from a Pensive Mind
Poems are divided into sections titled 'Philosophy', 'Special Occasions', 'Blues', 'From My Heart', and 'Whimsy & Humor.' This is a book of enjoyable reading for anyone with a love for poetry.

Fictional Novel:  

The Secret in Her Heart  
Ambitious and autocratic, Michael Boyer secures for himself the social and material status he seeks by marrying the bedazzled Helen Banaduck, the only daughter of an affluent farmer. Their courtship results in Helen's premarital pregnancy and Michael is subjected to crude teasing, which he perceives as disrespect from the community. Convinced of his own intellectual superiority, he blames Helen and the baby (Kaydee) for this loss of respect.

As the novelty of his material acquisition wears off, and his discontent grows, he subjects Helen and Kaydee to unrelenting verbal and emotional abuse. He exploits Helen's submissive nature and harnesses her to a life of hard labour, resulting in two miscarriages. This costs him further scorn from his neighbours, until his ego can take the ridicule no more.

His irrational fury triggers a tragic accident and, as he recuperates in a distant hospital, he plots revenge on a family that he feels caused his distress and then betrayed him. This poignant story relates perspectives from three different generations about the abuse at the hands of this cruel man.

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